Behind The Face

This book contains the personal stories of a range of international people living in Kerry.

For whatever reason and, regardless of where they are from, wherever they come, they all share the fact that they have been uprooted and planted in a new place, with new cultures, customs and systems to adjust to.

Issues around identity, therefore, are common to many of these stories, for some it’s hard to answer where they come from. Many have children who were born here, and for them identity can also be an issue.

We hope this book will allow you to think twice when you pass someone on the street and wonder what that person’s life has been like. We hope this book will help to connect the people of Kerry. We hope to give you a view into the story that lies ‘Behind the Face.


Book is available from TIRC – phone 0667127918 or email 

Cost is €10 – all proceeds will go to support the work TIRC does promoting integration in Tralee and wider area.

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