The Crisis Pregnancy Agency has worked with TIRC and KASI (Killarney Asylum Seeker and Immigrants Initiative) in developing a free condom access point in the drop-in centres. Alongside this, ongoing training has been provided by the Health Promotion and the Public Health Depts in the HSE.

  • CPP supply condoms to TIRC and KASI centres. There is free condom access during opening hours of both drop-in centres. The condoms are available in adult toilets and leaflets and posters are available in toilets as well.
  • There are a number of community information sessions concerning sexual health held each year in both Tralee and Killarney.
  • Volunteers in both KASI and Tralee receive regular support and training on issues that may arise, or that require ongoing support.
  • Events and training over the past year have included: purchase of condom demonstrators and training on use of same, STI information sessions, information on crisis pregnancy training, and a women’s health morning with specific information on STIs and contraception.